Monday, November 16, 2009

How Amish Women Make Money

Amish women play a very important part in the success of the Amish community and provide much needed income through a variety of different business ventures.  In an Amish community, the women are solely responsible for tending to the home, working in the yard, keeping the garden, cooking, sewing and washing the clothes, and raising the children.  Many Amish women have found their particular household skills quite useful in providing a significant income to the family and Amish community at large.  Many Amish families set up shops and stores to sell their handmade goods and wares to tourists.  While the men sell Amish made beds, hope chests, wooden toys, picnic baskets, tools, and the fresh produce they grow from their crops, the Amish women have found success selling handmade Amish quilts, canned goods, floral arrangements, toys, and baked goods.  Some Amish women even work as midwives, in non-Amish birthing centers, or as teachers in Amish schools. (Read more)