Monday, May 17, 2010

Create Your Own Frugal Cookbook

Eating is a necessary evil! I figure that if my family never had to eat, we'd never have a shortage of money.

I'm constantly trying to find recipes that require the least amount of ingredients, but I rarely write any of my recipes down. Blogs are constantly posting frugal recipes from scratch, and often some of them are pretty good...yet I never put them in order. But by not keeping track of the recipes that are frugal and delicious, am I doing my daughters a service?

In an early Kindred Spirits article, I stressed the importance of writing down the recipes of our mother and grandmothers, so we can pass them onto our children. But the point of the post today is that we should write down own our frugal recipes, so we can pass them onto our daughters. There are plenty of cookbooks to be bought, but not many of them are based on inexpensive ingredients.

So, I'd like to encourage you to get a loose leaf notebook and start writing your recipes down. If you have a home managers or coupon clipping notebook started, place a section within it for your frugal recipes. One Christmas or special occasion, you can incorporate them into a simple book and gift it to them. Your daughters will appreciate you for it!

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