Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Commitment Involves

Commitment involves...

☛Wholehearted allegiance to God with no right to myself (Matt. 22:37-39),
☛Saying God's will be done (Matt. 26:39),
☛Seeing God's hand in every circumstance (Matt. 5:8),
☛Seeing obstacles through to completion (II Tim. 4:7),
☛Loving rather than being partial (James 2:2,3),
☛Viewing life from God's perspective (Psa. 39:4),
☛Not allowing the urgent to exceed the important (Matt. 6:33)
☛Total devotion to Jesus as Lord, not devoted to service (Matt. 6:33),
☛Guarding my heart with great diligence because it is the reservoir of the mind (Prov. 4:23),
☛Keeping strict guard of my lips (Psa. 141:3).

~Anna Mary Byler, A Woman from God's Perspective

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