Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The “impossibility” of living on one income

A couple of days ago, I received a comment saying it’s impossible to live on one income alone in our day and age. This touched a nerve (in a positive way!), because most people would probably say it’s impossible to manage on our monthly budget, yet we have been doing it for a while now.

Just for the record, this post only focuses on the practical side of a wife at home; the spiritual is a story onto itself, along with the husband’s obligation to provide for his family. My husband always says there is no true financial blessing when husbands rely on their wives to provide.

I’m probably not the most frugal-savvy person there is, though. I know many people who have been living on one small income for quite a few years and have raised/are raising large families this way. I’m not an expert on budgeting, coupon-clipping, and discount-hunting, but if there’s one thing I can tell, it’s this: living on one income (and one far from large!) is definitely possible.

The greater part of it is in the mindset. Letting go of what I call “the entitlement syndrome” will almost immediately lead most people to think of whole lists of things they have previously regarded as necessities or legitimate needs, yet, in fact, it’s entirely possible to do without them. There are so many ways to cut down costs in the usage of electricity, water and gas, grocery shopping, entertainment, and many other things; time and space currently don’t permit me to dig into them. I’ll just share one main principle – enjoy what’s free; think twice before spending. (Read more)

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