Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recycling Clothing

There is a new trend taking place in the move towards living in a green world. People have been recycling their old clothing by giving them a new fun look. And, they use old clothing from a thrift shop to recreate the new look in out-of-style clothing. My favorite is to use the fabric of old clothes and create something new.

When I took a recent trip to visit my daughter, the young people loved the thought of recycling old clothes by giving them a new look. This was what my daughter sold in her booth as a vendor in an art fair in Girdwood, AK.

The basic idea is to use old clothing and recreate it into something beautiful and/or dramatic. For instance, you can embellish denim jackets with small patches, special buttons, and embroidery stitching.

You could also use Rit dye to change the color of a shirt, or replace the color into a pair of faded black or blue denim pants.

Before you donate that bag of clothing, be certain that there isn't something you can recreate from it. It will save you a bundle.

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