Saturday, August 7, 2010

The New Apostolic Reformation

On my other blog, I've been devoting the past week to the New Apostolic Reformation. In a nutshell, it is a movement within Protestant Christianity largely associated with the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. Within the churches that teach Kingdom Now/Dominion Theology, their desire is to organize a global church under a hierarchical network of apostles to take dominion and govern the global church and governments in order to take dominion of the world for Christ. The hierarchy within the New Apostolic Reformation resembles the Roman Catholic Church. One of the crucial leaders of this movement is a member of the Knights of Malta, who swears their allegiance to the Pope. Once world dominion is accomplished, those at the top level will have apostolic authority over all ministries. This could mean that thousands of ministries with so-called Charismatic apostles and prophets are at the helm! Every person will have an apostle or prophet to whom they are accountable. Many aspects of this teaching is not isolated to the Charismatics and Pentecostals, but has seeped into some of the mainline churches, as well.

The origin of this teaching comes from the Gnostic teachings of the heretical side of the early church. It has continued through the years, and gained a second wind within the heretical Latter Rain movement, which is why it has crept into the Pentecostal church. Although the church at that time rejected many of William Branham's teachings, they have gained acceptance by many in Christian leadership today. Especially by those who are leading this movement.

A significant aspect of this movement is viewed through the lens of Dominion/Kingdom Now Theology. It is the idea that "we are gods" - that we have God's DNA within us. Since "we are gods," we have the authority to take control of the world and prepare the it for the arrival of Jesus and His reign on earth. It is all false teaching, but many people don't realize the implications of it. There are also those who don't realize that these teachings are within their church, because they haven't been fully taught.

Over the past 6 months, I've read material on some of the teachings coming from this movement, but had not tied them all together until recently. I believe it to be the most dangerous movement within the Church today! It could even the the great deception that is spoken of in Scripture. It is widely accepted by many in the Vineyard church, the Assemblies, the Word of Faith, and all the churches ministering the prophetic. It is about revolution within the Church, it often sounds militant, the leadership often talk about war within the Church, and they have a plan.

The following is a video by a pastor who will discuss aspects of Joel's Amry, the Christian Identity Movement, the New Breed, and other ways the reformers identify themselves. If you have dial-up service, I highly recommend you listen to this video.

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