Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Two Methods of Canning

Water Bath Canning Method

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Pressure Canning

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Basics of Canning links to the same series - Part 1 2 3

1) If you decide to try canning with a pressure canner, only use one that comes with instructions. Only someone with experience should purchase a canner without instructions.

2) The best time to can meats or vegetables is when you can get your food is fresh and at a good price.  There may be a time when you can get it when it's pricey, but that should be when you have purchased it from a farm or butcher.

3) Always place your canned goods in a cool location. The experts say that your food will be safe for one year within the canning jar, but you can lengthen that time by placing it in lower temperatures.

4) Check your library for recipe books on canning, such as the book published by Ball. 

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Good luck!

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