Saturday, September 18, 2010

Homesteading - Chickens on Your Homestead

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In this episode, Becky shows you everything you need to know about chickens for your homestead. She talks about baby chickens, roosters, hens, egg production, what to feed chickens, and tips for making sure your homesteading chickens are happy.

In the second video, Becky shows you her mobile chicken coop. I suspect that this is something she uses in good Florida weather, since they need more protection during the winter. You don't need an elaborate coop. Some people use an old trailer, the cap of a pick up truck, or recycled wood. We use a recycled modified rabbit pen, and have faced it toward the doorway opening of a medium-sized chain link dog pen. It's completely covered with additional protective fencing, plus tarps to protect them from inclement weather.

(YouTube link)

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