Saturday, October 30, 2010

Multiple Uses for Desiccant Packs

Do you know those little silica gel packs sold in boxes of shoes, electronics, and vitamins? They are placed there to keep the moisture out of the package. Most people throw them away, but you may decide to hang onto them when you hear this.

These packs can be reused repeatedly and have multiple uses.
  • Put packs in your ammo cans and gun cases/safes to keep dry.
  • Protect personal papers and important documents by putting some gel in a baggie wherever these are stored.
  • Keep with photos to spare them from humidity. Tuck a small envelope in the back of frames to protect even the ones hanging on your walls.
  • Leave a couple packs in your tool box to prevent rusting.
  • Use the material to dry flowers.
  • Place with seeds in storage to thwart molding.
  • Dry out electronic items such as cell phones and iPods. Remember after the device has gotten wet, do not turn it back on! Pull out the battery and memory card and put the device in a container filled with several packs. Leave it in there at least overnight.
  • Slow silver tarnishing by using the gel in jewelry boxes and with your silverware.
  • For items in storage, such as cars or anything prone to mildew.
  • Tired of buying big bags of pet food only to have it get soggy? Store your kibble in a bin and tape some silica packs to the bottom of the lid.
  • Hide them in your closet in leather goods such as coats and shoes, and even handbags, to help them survive life in storage. [1]
These desiccant packs can be homemade! Silica gel can be found in craft stores, and are commonly used to dry flowers. Once you have used them to their capacity, they can be regenerated. The regeneration process is supposed to be simple. Remove the silica gel from the container you have it in and place it on a baking sheet. This baking sheet should be used only for regenerating homemade desiccants, because not all silica gel is food-safe. Heat an oven to 300° F. Place the baking sheet in the oven for three hours. Once removed, allow it to cool before placing it back in the containers. After regeneration, the desiccant packs should function like new. [2]

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