Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Combating Feminism

One way that I feel led to combat feminism is by dressing in a feminine manner. A few years back I was watching “Little House on the Prairie,” and the particular episode was about a woman who wore pants. I couldn’t believe how out of place she looked. I realized at that moment that wearing pants was a step toward feminism. I had never even thought about it before. We are so immersed in our culture that we don’t even realize how things have come to be until we take the time to study the history behind them.

Now, with that said, I have to say that wearing a skirt does not make a person holy. Some of the most godly women of our day wear pants. But here are some reasons why I like to wear modest skirts and dresses (I do still wear pants on occasion).
  1. To look different from men. We live in an androgynous society. I’m finding that it is becoming increasingly more common for me to be “unsure” if a person is a guy or girl. Even among children….my boys ask me on a regular basis if another child is a boy or a girl because it really is hard to tell. (Read more)

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