Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bathtub Caulking

Bathtub Floor Caulking

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Interior Bathtub Caulking

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They always make it look easier than it really is. I did a refinish on my bathtub floor caulking and ran into a couple of problems. 1) I had to work extra hard to develop a clean surface after taking off the caulk strip; and 2) My linoleum didn't want to lay down flat after removing the old caulk.

To take care of these problems, I 1) Used soap and water with a plastic putty knife to remove the leftover stray caulk bits; and 2) I had to glue the linoleum to the floor before I could proceed with laying the new caulk. If I didn't glue, the caulking substance would fall into the crack. I then placed some heavy containers along the caulk line to prevent having it pop up and separate, thus messing up my new line.

I also applied some clear bathroom caulking around my faucet handles and spout. The handles and spout tend to leak behind the wall and the by applying clear, it made it look more professional. Plus, my mistakes aren't as noticeable. It sure looks nice now!

One last note. You may want to purchase the caulking with Microban. This is a chemical that fights the growth of mildew, and you can paint it. Not all of them have it, so you have to look for it.

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