Saturday, January 8, 2011

Establishing a Forest Farm

Our country is changing its way to provide food for the population in the future. Instead of getting all of our food from the American farmer, it will be grown locally. You can see evidence of this change with the new laws being put in place in the name of "safety," which will close down many of the big farms that have supplied grocery stores in the past.  It is also why genetically modified foods are being forced upon Americans without any labeling. It will become less appealing to buy from the farmer that has foods that are required to grow GM foods.

This manner of change is all part of a socialist concept, which will make all of the global citizens in the future world government equal. Not only will all of the people of the world be equal in rights, we will also be equal in the way we live. This is why our country must be brought through an economic collapse, otherwise we would not be equal with world's poorer countries. So, in order to transition into locally sustainable farming, forest farming has been looked at as a viable option.

Forest farming is the cultivation of crops within an established forest/woodland. This can be done for profit or for food. There are crops that survive well in a wooded environment, and much study has gone into this topic by universities. If you would like more information, books have been written on the topic, and there are websites dedicated to this type of information.

In the following videos, an expert in Permaculture will introduce how an individual or community can change their way of obtaining food. This particular man goes to poor countries around the world and introduces them to Permaculture.

(YouTube link)

(YouTube link)

As he said in the video, it takes about 3 years to get a forest garden established. You may want to begin yours this year.

Forest Farming for Profit

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