Saturday, January 29, 2011

Potpourri Saturday - Trellises for your Garden

In this segment of the series, I would like to cover garden trellises. A trellis system is important with such crops as beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and gourds. There are different methods of making trellises, and you can spend as little as you want to make it work. As you will hear from both gardeners, it is important to have your trellis in before you plant. Placing a trellis in your garden after growth has already begun will only disturb the root system and break the plant.

(YouTube link)

I like what this gardener has done with his trellis. His fence will hold up to strong rain and wind, and it will be easy to take down, if you change your mind about the garden layout. Another benefit is that you can use it over and over without fear of breaking. If you plan to try this method, make sure you have good wire cutters and a pair of work gloves.

My son used our garden boundary fence for his gourds this year and they did wonderfully. The wire welded fence had no problem supporting the 40+ gourds that he grew.

(YouTube link)

Of course, you can always find straight branches or young trees that will also work well as your materials for a trellis. Just be sure you have found a good way to stabilize it to the ground. There are books in the library on how to incorporate and build branch fences and trellises into your landscape.

Lastly, if you plan a forest garden, you just need to train them to grow up the side of a tree.

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