Thursday, January 13, 2011

Adopt a minimalist wardrobe

I know I have several conservatively-dressed women who read this blog, but there are plenty who aren't. So, this tip won’t be for everybody. The concept of a minimalist wardrobe may be new to you. What am I referring to?

Do you have a closet packed with clothes enough to furnish your neighborhood? How many dresses and shirts does one person truly need? I generally have 5 different everyday dresses; about 5 long sleeved shirts for the winter; one pair of stretchy, close-fitting black pants that have the appearance of stockings to keep me warm; and one pair of everyday boots. They all have plain, solid colors and all are my favorites. I do have 3 other dresses for special occasions, but everything else went years ago.

I like plain colors for my dresses and shirts, because they are easier to mix and match. I only need one pair of boots for everyday wear, because they go with everything. They are all a good brand name, so I know they'll last for a long time. I don't go with the trendy styles, so I know I'll wear these for a long time. 

The way I see it, if I don't go into the work place, why should I support a big wardrobe? I don’t need a lot of  clothes. It sure makes life simpler, and it's easier on my husband's wallet. This way of life is all part of the frugal lifestyle. Interested?

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