Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Support of the Older Woman

"Women today harm themselves terribly by expecting their husband, or male counselor, or male pastor to do for them what other women are meant to do. No man can meet all of a woman's needs. No man ought to have to try! How much less of a strain modern marriage would be if every wife had an understanding and experienced older woman to answer her hard questions and give her support.

"Having trouble with the children? Ask the older woman. Don't know how to boil water? Ask the older woman. Your interior decoration efforts are turning into interior desecration? Ask the older woman!

"The younger woman is supposed to grow into the older woman's job. When your mother is a thousand miles away, it is more comforting to have a trustworthy older woman volunteer to help with the house and kids when you and the new baby come home. The older woman has dozens of opportunities to show kindness to an inexperienced and perhaps overworked young mother."
                                                 Mary Pride, The Way Home

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