Saturday, February 26, 2011

Companion Planting

by Beverly Mettot

The interplanting of vegetables
The following table should act as a guide to help you eliminate certain problems in your garden.
Anise Coriander Aids the growth and flavor of Anise.
Asparagus Parsley or basil Controls Asparagus beetles.
Basil, Sweet throughout garden Enhances the flavor and growth of everything around it.
Carrots Sage Deters carrot (rust) flies.
Chamomile throughout garden Brings overall health to the garden. Attracts good insects.
Chervil Radishes One plant requires heavy nutrients while the other requires very little.
Chives Carrots, grapes, roses, and tomatoes Curb Japanese Beetles, and black spot.
Corn Snap beans or soybeans Enhances growth of corn.
Cosmos throughout garden Bad insects won’t come near it, but it will attract pollinating wasps.
French Marigolds throughout garden Strong odor confuses pests looking for their favorite plant.
Garlic throughout garden Repels aphids and beetles.
Mustard Beans One plant requires heavy nutrients while the other requires very little.
Mints Cabbage, strawberries Deters aphids and other aphid pests, as well as ants who invade strawberries.
Nasturtiums throughout garden Repels aphids and white flies.
Onions Carrots The two combined help to control rust flies and some nematodes.
Peanuts Corn Increases yields of both crops.
Peas Lettuce, spinach, and Chinese cabbage Benefit from the shade and wind protection peas provide.
Potatoes Horseradish and/or tansy Plant plenty for maximum benefits in attempt to ward off Colorado Potato Beetles.
Radishes Squash, cucumbers, and/or Carrots Great deterrent against Cucumber Beetles and Rust flies. Also eliminates diseases spread by these plants.
Rue throughout garden Disagreeable taste and bad odor sends even persistent pests on their way.
Sage Strawberries, Cabbage, and/or Tomatoes Deters unwanted pests and benefits each other in garden.
Savory throughout garden Ideal planting crop. Attracts good insects.
Spinach Beans or tomatoes Benefits from the shade both plants provide.
Strawberries Borage or sage Enhances flavor of fruit and strengthens plant’s resistance to insects and diseases.
Tansy Cabbage and/or potatoes Deters Cutworms, Cabbage Worms, and Colorado Potato Beetles.
Thyme Tomatoes and/or cabbage All three together control Flea Beetles, Cabbage Maggot, White Cabbage Butterflies, Colorado Potato Beetles, and imported Cabbage Worms.

The Don’ts Of Companion Planting
Don’t plant French marigolds with beans.
Don’t plant tansy with collards.
Don’t plant cucumbers with sage.
Don’t plant chrysanthemums with lettuce.
Don’t plant wormwood with peas or beans (wormwood in other areas of the garden will deter slugs.)
Don’t plant peppers with tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant, or where peppers were planted in the last three years.
Don’t plant tomatoes with fennel or potatoes.
Don’t plant families that are closely related, and attract the same pests.
Don’t plant allelopathic plants too close to your garden.

Some detail has dropped off the right edge. For the full article, go to Backwoods Home magazine.

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