Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Canning Turnips and Greens

(YouTube link) (Part 1)

Greens are one of the easiest garden plants to grow in my area. One of the ways to deal with the excess is to can them. As demonstrated in the first part of the video, you must cook them down first, then pack them tightly into a jar. There is no need to completely cook them, since they will spend plenty of time in the canning process within the canner. Only cook the turnips or collards for as long as it takes to reduce in size - he recommends a few minutes. Then cut them, so they can fit into the jars.

Although he didn't mention it, you can always add broth that has been made with unsalted bouillon granules. Another alternative is to add a piece of bacon to the top of the open jar. Adding ingredients to the plain greens will only add to the taste, so that you can use it for a dirty rice recipe.

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