Saturday, March 5, 2011

Solar Cooking Oven

In yesterday's video, the seminar presenter had a solar cooking oven. I found one video on a professionally made solar cooker, then another that was homemade. If you do a search on YouTube, there are several ways these ovens can be handmade. The key components to make this project work are reflective mylar or aluminum foil, and the sun.

This is the professionally made solar oven. You can purchase it for $168, plus $33 shipping here, although the price on the front page of their webpage is $30 less. It appears to be large enough for a family. There are different packages you can purchase. This page shows the pots being part of the purchase.

(YouTube link)

 This video shows how to rig one up with aluminum foil, an aluminum cooking pan, and a turkey roasting bag. There are several methods of making them. This would make a fun homeschool project.

(YouTube link)

Some links:

This is a very large piece:

This mylar blanket may be able to double for the oven. This is perfect for your emergency backpack.

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