Saturday, March 12, 2011

Vacuum Sealing Systems

(YouTube link)

There are different brands of sealers, along with sealers that can accomplish more tasks than others. This video demonstrates the use of the sealer alone, minus a sales pitch.

You will find that each sealer uses a different quality bag. Prior to purchasing one, I'd learn about the bag and the ease of using the bag. One YouTuber said that there is more to sealing than what it appears.

WalMart has a sealer on their site that appears to be a traditional sealer. They also have a handheld system.

The Rival Seal A Meal has been around for a long time. This sales demonstration shows a better quality bag, and they claim to have better suction. Here are the different models and the price of the bags. here

(YouTube link)

If you plan on going this route for some of your food storage, please do more homework than what I've provided.

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