Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Large Family Laundry Basket Solution

It is unrealistic to wash dirty clothes the minute you bring them into the laundry room, so you'll need to make room for "incoming" loads. You may need more than one laundry basket if you have a large family, or you may want each bedroom to have a basket that will presort them before they make it to the laundry area. Either way, you'll save time when you finally decide to do your wash.

If you have a laundry basket with three compartments built into it, or three simple canvas, plastic, or mesh baskets on a shelf, can help you keep dirty laundry organized for washing. You can buy manufactured laundry-sorter units or create your own system. Here are some ideas.

Keeping your laundry organized is a challenge in any household, big or small. Huge laundry mountains mean wasted time and confusion.Let's see if we can be a little creative to make better use of our time.

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