Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Decline of Male Leadership

We know the effect feminism has had on our world. Our generation, more than those of the past, has been influenced by its destructive agenda. It has been harmful to women, to their husbands, and to their children. The effects of the past 50 years have truly begun to show its mark on the American family.

I recently read a book by Lionel Tiger titled The Decline of Males: The First Look At An Unexpected New World For Men and Women, which argued the changing relations between men and women and how it will eventually change our future. Much of his research and findings are a direct result of feminism, and he describes how it has changed men of this generation. He has some provocative views about how men and women have slowly changed roles. He claims that men no longer take the lead in many households, and how women are beginning to take their place as the head of the family in the majority of homes. He also discusses how women have taken control over the reproductive process, which has had a profound alteration on family patterns. For the first time in the human experience, one sex is able to control making babies.

When you read the quotes from his book listed below, they will make you realize how feminism has changed what God never intended. Statistics are revealing the effects. Do you recall the verse in Isaiah 3:12, when there was a failure of male leadership in Judah? Since the men in that society were weak and no longer wanted to lead, the women took over and replaced the men in leadership. Do you how this has manifested in our country? 

Read what Dr Tiger has to say:
  • “What follows is a chronicle of the decline of men and the ascendancy of women. More women are having children without men, and therefore more men are without the love of families. Women, as a group, are working more and earning more. Men are working less and earning less. In 1998, for the first time in the United States, young women are completing high school and graduating from college at higher rates than their male peers, which yields clear impact on the future of employment. For the first time since women acquired the right to vote, they have begun to vote differently from men. Whether or not they are the principal politicians themselves - and more women are - they are changing the rules and dreams of politics.”
  • “These changes have also disenfranchised men from traditional social roles, but have not offered men many new opportunities. Even the most traditional male specialty - warfare - has been aggressively opened to women, with complicated results for everyone. Perhaps their apparent increase of interest in sports and pornography means that men are trying to find new outlets to express their inherent maleness, which they may feel otherwise obligated to repress.”
  • “All told, there is a significant shift from the past in the relative power of men and women. In the United
    States productive system during the mid-90's, women earned 7.6% more than they did in 1979, while men earned 14% less than they did then. Women earn 40% of family income. In the early 1990's, at least one of six wives earned more than her husband; in 1968, it was one in eighteen. By 1996, nearly one of three wives earned more than her husband.”
None of these factors of change should be a surprise to us, but the extent of change should be. We should all have a great concern for the men and boys of our country. Men are being emasculated to the point that they no longer know what their roles are within the family. Feminism has created so many dysfunctional families, they don’t know what it right. 

Have you heard the statistics of how our jails are presently overflowing, more now than any time in history? The prison population has doubled and tripled in some states. Chuck Colson, who has the Christian radio commentary and prison ministry, said he has witnessed more than ever before, hardened criminals among the incarcerated. (I do not endorse Chuck Colson.)

So, what can we do to help? It’s only a small way, but it can help the future generations of your family. Give your children an understanding of what is right in the eyes of God when it concerns the family. If this is provided, our children will have a proper perspective of how a home is to function, and look for a mate that will emulate what you have demonstrated in your home. By practicing biblical womanhood, you will give your boys and girls something that will keep them on the right track for life. You will give them the perspective God wants them to have.

Article was originally written for the Kindred Spirits Journal, Issue #7, Sept 2004