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The Great Depression & Preparing for 2012

A family from Iowa in the height of the Depression

The Great Depression had a substantial and varied impact on the lives of Americans. Physically and psychologically, it was devastating to many people who not only lacked adequate food, shelter, and clothing, but felt they were to blame for their desperate state. Although few people died from starvation, many did not have enough to eat. Some people searched garbage dumps for food or ate weeds. [1]

Throughout the land, soup kitchens, bread lines, and shelters sprang up to meet the needs of the poor. In the larger cities, groups like the Salvation Army, the American Red Cross came to the rescue of the unemployed. The YMCA alone had 614 centers that provided bed and food for 62,000 men in the cities. Catholics provided 600 child-care homes, providing for 80,000 children. Goodwill Industries had 75 dormitories scattered throughout the country.

But the true relief came through strong families. Despite many hardships, most families stayed together during the Depression. Most people either lived in the country or had parents or close relatives who lived on farms where they could rely on vegetable gardens and canned their food. Although many struggled, most families provided for themselves.

What does the future look like?
Using his unique perspectives on current events forming future trends, Gerald Celente developed a methodology to identify, track, forecast and manage trends. His forecasts have been accurate, therefore he's called upon by businesses, governments, and associations to deliver keynote addresses and seminar presentations worldwide.

In 2008, Gerald Celente made a trends forecast for the year 2012. He says that we are going to go into a depression that will be worst than the Great Depression. Listen to his interview:

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There's more. Watch this:

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We don't know if Gerald Celente is a mouthpiece for the Illuminati, but we should all heed his warning. As you read the historical account above, many families felt responsible for the predicament they were in. I've been warning sisters for the past few years that we were headed into hard times, so I know that many of you have already begun to prepare.

As a way to prepare, pray for insight and wisdom. In addition to that, here are some tips from for some practical ways you can begin preparing. Make sure you check out the expanded explanation for each point.

  1. Avoid debt at all costs
  2. Get out of your mortgage before the housing market collapses
  3. Buy some cheap land in a rural area
  4. Prepare to get off the power grid
  5. Locate and adjust for off shore work
  6. Invest in some stable currency, or some other currency that's not the dollar 
  7. Have some liquid funds on hand.
  8. Start a vegetable garden
  9. Learn to hunt
  10. Stockpile medications
  11. Invest in "sin and comfort" items
E-How had some other tips.
  1. List your debts and assets, and try to pay off your bills as quickly as possible. Avoid new debt by paying cash.
  2. Purchase goods and valuables, such as guns for hunting and personal protection, and basic food supplies, such as whole grains and legumes.
  3. Get to know your neighbors and build a tight-knit community. In the event of total economic collapse, life will become very local, and survival will depend on working together with others.
  4. Chickens and rabbits are small and easy to tend. Chickens provide eggs, as well as meat. 
  5. Learn how to barter, and stock items to trade. Think about necessities (wool blankets, soap, boots, duct tape, ammunition) as well as luxuries (chocolate, tobacco, alcohol). Useful barter items will be helpful to have on hand as you prepare to survive an economic collapse.
  6. Learn how to store food.
Within the Kindred Spirits Sisters blog, there is a great amount of information on many of these topics. Use the search mode on the front of the blog.

Over and over again in the Bible, we see men and women who are given far more than they can handle. God gave us adversity and burdens so that we would rely on Him.[1] He is making it clear that we are not self-sufficient. We cannot just hunker down and power through every situation. We need Him, and the coming days will be a test for all of us.

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