Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Starting seeds indoors is something I haven't mastered. I can get anything to grow, but keeping them alive is another story. Light and temperature are the keys to getting them beyond their first set of leaves. That is my goal for this year.

In the following video, the GardenGirl shows you different methods of converting an space into a seed starting area. Any window are will do, but she does every project big. Extra lighting is important, and this can be done with a shop light with grow lights, or a ready-made light kit. Also, if the room you are using to sprout in is very cool, you'll want the heating matte.

I'm not too crazy about starting indoor plots or in re-usable containers, the way she did. How on earth do you get the plant out without tearing it up? Transplanting is a delicate process, so disposable cups or peat pots seem the logical way to go.

Here's the video:

(YouTube link)

More info on grow lights

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