Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Thrifty Tip: Family Dollar

WalMart Stores have become the lead business in discount shopping. Although many of us have heard of Family Dollar, we wouldn't consider it a weekly stop-off point for personal items. I encourage you to give this store another try. I'm not so sure how they compare on prices for the leading brands, but their house copycat brands are priced very low, and they can't be making much on their greeting cards.

Many of the Family Dollar stores have had a surge in business since the recession started. They are also competing against Dollar General, another one of my favorites, to draw in business. To keep their edge, they've been bringing in more of a variety of name brands - especially Health and Beauty Aids, and their food departments. So if you haven't been in there for a while, bring your price comparison shopping list and see if Family Dollar can give you a better price. You may be surprised.