Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Upcycling a Nescafé Coffee Container


Sometimes it just seems a shame to throw away some of the unique packaging that manufacturers have been creating. Last night I saw a very clever idea that I wanted to pass along. It involves a Nescafé coffee container.

Nestle has chosen to package its instant coffee brand in a curvy plastic container, rather than a glass jar. The top closure is a flip-top lid on hinges, which means it could later be used for food storage when its been emptied.

Once the labeling has been removed, the bottle is semi-transparent. It can easily be refilled with rice, Quinoa, barley, beans, or a grain that isn't easily kept in your pantry. Tape the label on the jar that provides the cooking instructions, and you're good to go. One less container to fill up the landfill.