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The Ones That Slipped Through the Cracks: False Converts - Part 2

"But solid food belongs to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil." Heb. 5:14 (KJV 2000)

If I could identify a handful of "lessons learned" while doing research for Fanatic for Jesus blog, this particular one would be right on top.

The majority of false doctrine seen today, plays a significant part in the End Time scenario.

It will take great discernment for believers to decipher a true man of God from a false ones. Since a good deal of today's institutionalized Church is shaped by the teachings of those who have grown huge ministries, written lots of books, and host conferences - they have a great deal of influence on how the Scriptures are taught. These contrived teachings are the Pre-trib rapture, Dominionism, Christian patriotism, the pro-Israel stance, Ecumenism, the Emergent church, the Purpose Driven church (the Hands and Feet of Christ), Church Growth Movement, and contemplative prayer are all parts of a greater plan. Most of these are modern teachings, but a few started in their infancy over 100+ years ago.

'New Move' of the Spirit 
There has been talk within the modern Church that there will be one last move of the Holy Spirit prior to the Lord's return. Knowing that this teaching comes from the false teachers of Dispensationalism, this 'new move' of God will have to be planned. I hope that this will become apparent to you as you read on.

In a recent post on Discerning the World blog (not an endorsement), the writer draws your attention to a coming spiritual tsunami that will occur in the Roman Catholic Church. The article she refers to is written by J. Lee Grady from Charisma Magazine, an arm of the Assembly of God. Based upon a dream he had 10 years ago, the Catholic church is going to experience a Holy Spirit revival. Some would think that if this were to happen, it would be a wonderful thing. The pagan halls of religiosity need to be swept clean. But the key to understanding what is occurring here is that this isn't the Holy Spirit moving, rather an unholy spirit. If the  baptism of the holy spirit with speaking in tongues has been a false spirit from the start, as many in the Church believe it is, then the coming movement of the spirit will be a sham - since this is also an aspect of the dream. (Read here.) The revival will be more of the false movement we saw come from Todd Bentley and his Lakeland, Florida, ghetto revival.

This possible Roman Catholic revival will create a snowball effect that will cause the barriers of all religions to come tumbling down, since the Vatican will ride the coattails of this wave to remove denominational boundaries. If J. Lee Grady really knows the agenda, as I believe he does, and he is giving us some foresight into what will occur, Christians will accept Catholics as their brother in Christ to create ecumenical unity.

What most Christians today don't realize is that Roman Catholicism, particularly at the Vatican, are already worshiping with those in bondage to false religions. The God of the Bible would never approve of a 'new wave' of the Spirit that had His people worship with pagans, since it would give legitimacy to their false god. The ecumenical/syncretism movement is part of the system of Antichrist. The Bible does mention the one world religion, but it doesn't endorse it.

 An event hosted by John Paul II, that brought together religious leaders of the world to pray for peace. They came together on common ground for a common purpose - communitarian buzz words.

The removal of the barrier between the Protestants and Catholics has been in the making since the Reformation. When this so-called coming revival occurs, many Catholics will come dragging their icons of Mary worship, contemplative prayer/mysticism, empty ceremonial prayers, and false doctrines behind them. They want to see us as one big happy family...a brotherhood of man. This is a very New Age/occult/Masonic/Communist/Emergent church/Pagan philosophy in their attempt to create the unity of man. Since the Emergent Church has already been bringing the Evangelical church the pagan/Catholic statues, prayer stations, incense, liturgy, candles, the sacraments, labyrinths, contemplative seems logical that Evangelicals will follow suit. Apostates from TBN, such as Paul Crouch, have already begun wearing a clerical collar on the air, openly showing his ecumenical beliefs.

J. Lee Grady's and his slow, misguided indoctrination of the Assembly of God church is working hand-in-hand with the Enemy's plan, and it will bring about a one world religion that worships the evil one. Only a handful of believers will be able to see it for what it truly is. We may never learn if Grady is a true believer or a false convert.

There's More: The Hands and Feet of Christ
Rick Warren, a change agent, is known to talk about the need for purpose-driven believers to be the Hands and Feet of Christ. The Second Reformation, a plan that will change the face of Christianity into a joint denominational effort in missions, is the motive behind the political effort called common purpose. This collaborative action has a political objective toward Communitarianism - the new system of world government using collectivist  values. The goals of the purpose driven church coincide with the mission statement of the United Nations Millennial Goals. Rick Warren is a popular figurehead at the forefront of the counter-Reformation. He was quoted as saying:
"You know, 500 years ago, the first Reformation with Luther and then Calvin, was about beliefs. I think a new reformation is going to be about behavior. The first Reformation was about creeds; I think this one will be about deeds. I think the first one was about what the church believes; I think this one will be about what the church does. The first Reformation actually split Christianity into dozens and then hundreds of different segments. I think this one is actually going to bring them together." [1]
The Second Reformation is being slowly unveiled by the apostates within the institutionalized Church.  As you will see in the following video, John Crowder, a false teacher, prepares his followers for those who will resist the Reformation, saying that they have a religious spirit. He says that there will be messiness as they try to change the institutionalized Church. The reconciliation he speaks of is a dual one. Crowder did not specify it, but he describes a reconciliation with the Catholic church. There is a second aspect of Reformation, and it will follow the video. My objective is for you to see that this is not a move of God, but a move of man. A true revival occurs in the hearts of men - it isn't manufactured. The whole package contradicts the Word of God.

(YouTube link) 

(More images of Crowder)

In this online document by a Vatican representative, we can see their planned intentions toward a reformation within the Church. It should make you realize Grady's dream is demonically inspired, and that he is following an planned agenda. Follow the links for greater understanding:
"Second Enlightenment and Second Reformation have real chances of coming to some moral consensus and of reconciling Church and State, people and institutions with intuitional faith-consciousness. There is a global need for common moral grounding in new-found understandings of eco-necessity in Natural Order, and of the grave sacrilege perpetrated on nature by colonial expansion (in its modern morphed corporate versions) and exploitation. Nature is the universal basis of eco-spiritual grounding: “faith supposes reason as grace supposes nature.” (John Courtney Murray, SJ, Second Vatican Council [2]
The Jesuit priest neglects to tell the reader that the Catholic church is jockeying for a position of power and control through this reformation and enlightenment. This New Age/nature worship statement says that he wants to unite the Body of Christ with the practices and beliefs of the pagan Roman Catholic church and the State. He adds that there will be a reconciliation/uniting of Church and State, as we see in the political plan using tactics of Communitarianism. The world will eventually live under the Noahide Laws.

Conclusion: Should You Leave the Institutionalized Church?
"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." Heb. 10:25

Many of the journal readers I have kept contact with over the years have one thing in common - they no longer attend the institutionalized/corporate Church. They choose to worship and fellowship in their own homes, because they recognize the error and negative influence of the modern church. These families realize the style of church we have today is an invention of the Roman Catholic church, and all other churches are only an extension of it. There may be a few churches out there that aren't influenced by the paganism of the Roman Catholics and American politics, but they are few.

I think the determining factor will be whether any of the list (from above) of false teachings are being taught in your church - the Pre-trib rapture, Dominionism, Christian patriotism, the pro-Israel stance, Ecumenism, the Emergent church, the Purpose Driven church (Hands and Feet of Christ), Church Growth Movement, and contemplative prayer. Even if you were to begin on a campaign against the false teaching in your church, it is a long uphill battle.

If you don't feel led to leave yet, begin thinking about what your alternatives will be when the landscape of the church evolves into the unified church. As we shift into the 21st century church-ism, you will need to recognize and understand false teachings and that many of the teachers are false converts. You will begin to see how the undiscerning will faithfully follow the wolves who will speak silky, smooth words about the syncretism of Christianity. Most importantly, question the validity of every move of God against Scripture. In spite of what this all means, we live: " the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world." Phil. 2:15b

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