Friday, October 30, 2009

Chlorella Detoxifies the Body by Removing Mercury and other Heavy Metals

(NaturalNews) There's mercury everywhere around us, it seems. It's in the food (seafood), the medicines (vaccines) and even the lights (compact fluorescent lights). And that doesn't even cover mercury fillings still used by crazed dentists who insist mercury is "perfectly safe" to chew on!

All the sane people have already figured out that mercury is highly toxic to human health, but how do you get mercury out of your body once you've ingested it?

That's where chlorella enters the picture. This amazing microalgae superfood binds to mercury and helps remove it from your body, safely and naturally. It doesn't get 100% of the mercury out (chelation can help with that), but it does an amazingly good job for a natural, food-based dietary supplement.

I've taken chlorella for over a decade. It's one of the mainstays of my nutritional supplementation (which also includes spirulina and astaxanthin). Learn more about chlorella in this collection of supporting quotes we've compiled for you. (Read more)

Note: Some believe that mercury is the cause for the increase of  autism. There is also evidence of mercury in food containing high fructose corn syrup. An Ion foot bath is known to reduce heavy metals within the body, which has helped some children with autism. There is some debate for and against the use of Chlorella for children with autism. If you decide to give it a try, research the side effects. There seems to be conflicting information about that too.

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