Monday, October 26, 2009

Steps to Getting the Best Buy

1. Relate the money spent to the time required to earn it.
2. Compare the cost of the item with other things that can be bought for the same price.
3. Figure savings by percentages, not cents.
4. Place all earnings directly into a bank account, so that unwise record-keeping and expenditures can be avoided.
5. If it be cash or debit card, carry with you that which you will spend less of.
6. Know what you want before you shop - then stick to it.
7. Shop for value.
8. Look at the price tag before you look at the bells and whistles.
9. Make sure you know what an item will cost you to keep, before you buy it.
10. Determine the unit price when you buy anything. Learn how much each ounce costs.
11. If you tend to spend too much, use a calculator and total your purchases before checking out.
12. Check the consumer guide for quality before purchasing big ticket items.
13. Write a list of questions about the product, so you can ask the sales person.
14. Get council from prior owners and repairmen.
15. Check with your husband before buying.

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