Saturday, January 30, 2010

Are you Truly a Pro-Lifer?

A dirty, little secret in the pharmaceutical world is that the Pill, if taken in a certain way, can actually work AFTER conception by preventing the embryo from implanting on the uterine wall. In other words, the pill can cause the baby to die. This is simply abortion by another name.

The “Morning After” Pill is nothing more than the regular birth control pill taken in massive dosage to insure that the embryo will not implant. When taken as prescribed (every day) the birth control pill prevents conception by:
1. usually preventing ovulation, and
2. thickening cervical mucous to delay/interfere with sperm entry through the cervix.

If the pill fails to prevent ovulation and conception, it prevents the fertilized egg from growing through "changes in the endometrium which reduce the likelihood of implantation." This is a form of abortion, therefore the pill is called an abortifacient.

When taken as a “morning after pill” the mechanism of action is to prevent implantation of a conceptus (zygote, the fertilized egg). Prevention of implantation can also be a factor in preventing pregnancy in those women who forget to take the pill every day, and therefore ovulate. Ovulation can occasionally occur even when a woman never misses a pill [between 1 and 3 of very 100 women get pregnant while on the pill, and "research indicates that figure may be considerably higher, up to 4% for 'good compliers' and 8% for 'poor compliers.'

Although implantation prevention is apparently not the mechanism of action for the vast majority of women, especially for those who take the pill as prescribed, women who take birth control pills do risk the chance of aborting (killing) their unborn child. (Source)

The fact is, our society has become so anti-child that people are willing to risk accidental abortions and their good health all to prevent life from occurring. The massive propaganda from the feminist movement have convinced the world of their humanist ideology. Humanistic reasoning: When there is an overpopulation of any species, it is not wrong to reduce its number. Humanistic reasoning also makes man his own highest authority. It teaches that man's pleasure or happiness is the highest good.

If "children are a blessing from the Lord," why do good-intentioned Christian women try to prevent from having them? Is it a natural inclination to not want to have children, or a sinful one? Are these Christ-loving women following the humanistic theology of the day by preventing conception, or are they just plain selfish?

If you love children, it is the natural order to also want to have babies. It seems totally wrong to permit children to hear their mother say, "I don't want children!" That sends a message to them that they are unwanted and gives them a sense of rejection. There is a direct connection between the women who openly declare that staying home all day with their children drives them crazy, and those who have negative things to say about children. To love children means that we do not reject them. I'm not saying that being frustrated with them is wrong, but taking action to prevent having another baby is wrong. (This does not include the exceptional case of when a mother can lose her life if she has another child.)

If we are willing to permit God to plan our family, then why should we muddle up His plan with our ideas?

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