Thursday, June 17, 2010

Frugal Father's Day Gifts

These meaningful tips can be used by you or your children.

Yard work - Mow the yard, trim the weeds and bushes, clean up the flower bed, and so on.

Car wash and detailing - Take a few hours and focus on really making your father’s primary automobile clean, inside and out. Scrub the whole exterior, wax it, and clean out the entire interior, including spraying down all of the surface and vacuuming everywhere, including the seats and the cracks between them.

Garage clean up - Scrub down the garage. Be certain to put many of his items back in the exact place you found them. Find a location for those tools that don't have a home, but take note to where you placed them.

Vegetable garden weeding - Pull a ton of weeds, then save them in a bag and gave him the bag of weeds as a gift.

Bedroom closet - Completely remove all the clothes from his side of the closet, vacuum, fragrance, and put everything back - except for those things that are no longer used. Once he sees the closet, then sort through those items that weren't put back.

Nail storage - If Dad has a million different sized nails, find a way to organize his nail collection. You can use empty baby food jars, plastic margarine containers, or an organization box.

Communication - Really communicate how important your father is to you can be the best Father’s Day gift you can give. Don’t run to Hallmark and buy a card – spend a half an hour and try to write down on a blank card in your own words how important and wonderful your father is.

Adapted from The Simple Dollar