Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - Getting the Best Price

Did you know that if you need to make a major purchase, you can get a discount of 10 - 15% off of the purchase price if you apply for the store's charge card? You may have the money for the purchase in-hand, but still apply for the card and get the discount. Once you've paid using the card, go by customer service and make your payment.

This week I needed to buy a 35mm digital camera for my son's college classes. He had the money for the camera, but I applied for the store credit card in order to get the discount. The card request was made at the camera department counter, and the application was approved at their register. I got a $50 discount off of the total purchase price.

Keep this in mind if you ever need to buy a refrigerator, or washer and dryer. If you check the prices for the same item at three stores before you make your final selection, then get your 10% discount, you'll know you got the best price.

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