Thursday, April 12, 2012

Upcycling with Denim to Create Material

Upcycling clothing to create new modest clothing is a way to beat the high prices at a fabric store. This post concentrates on upcycling denim, but you can do this with a variety of clothing items from your closet or a thrift shop. For instance, this handmade long denim skirt features a reworked jeans yoke with a skirt of paisley print cotton in blue and cream.

Or this wild creation.

This YouTube blogger explains how she uses denim panels taken from several pairs of pants or skirts, and reworks them  into a new modest creation. Panel skirts are fairly easy to assemble, and you control what type of fabric you'd like to use. This may not be something you want for yourself, but it may be a great alternative for your daughters.

(YouTube link)

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