Monday, November 9, 2009

Transferring Ownership to God

Are you capable of making this personal commitment to serve God rather than money?

Transferring ownership to God means that every decision as to how my money will be earned or used will be based on Scriptural principles. I must view myself as a steward rather than an owner. Once you dedicate your money and possessions to the Lord, He has the right to take or leave those funds as He sees fit.

By giving God the ownership, I allow Him to work supernaturally through the money and possessions I have acquired. God will require me to follow His commands once I transfer ownership of my money to Him. One day I must give account as to how I managed all the funds that God entrusted to me.

God usually asks for the object of my most cherished affection first. Giving Him ownership, means that I die emotionally to them. I have purposed to serve the Lord rather than money.

Now, name the things that you love the most. Unless the objects of our strongest affection are dedicated to Him, they will become objects of our worship and sources of future sorrow. In the end, we will lose the very things that we refused to give to God. This applies to your husband, children, your home, your brothers and sisters, your freedom, your friends, your possessions, and your skills. Present them completely to the Lord. Allow yourself to die to them in your emotions. Then, expect God to show His supernatural power through that which you have given to Him.

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