Thursday, December 3, 2009

Returning Fresh Food Items

Have you ever gotten home from the grocery store, only to find your package of fresh veggies or fruit aren't any good? Take them back and return them. Some food items are very hard to determine their freshness, until you get them out of the package. If you can get back to the store within a couple of days with the receipt, the store should take them back.


If you buy pre-cut vegetables for certain recipes, there is a way to tell freshness. Those vegetables are placed in dry containers from the packer. If there is water in the bottom of them, or if the vegetables appear overly moist - they aren't any good.

As for leaf lettuce - there should be no browning on the vein of the leaves.

Cut-off carrot stalks should not be brown or have a slimy appearance.

Bagged coleslaw should not be wet.

Knowing these tips should save you the trip back.

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