Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thrifty Thursday - 15 Tips for Saving Water

Water is money for those who do not have a well. The following tips are for those who have to pay a water bill.
  1. Insulate hot water pipes, so the hot water tap doesn't run so long while you wait for warm water.
  2. Use "gray water" for watering plants and in toilet tanks.
  3. Use water-saving shower heads.
  4. Install an aerator in your kitchen or bathroom sink. An aerator reduces the water flow.
  5. Wait to use your dishwasher and washing machine until you have a full load.
  6. Scrape your dishes with a sponge or spatula, instead of rinsing under running water. Or hand-rinse them in a sink or dishpan.
  7. Double up in a shower or bath.
  8. Don't flush the toilet every time.
  9. Replace old toilets with a five gallon tank, to the water saving one gallon tank.
  10. Don't water lawns and gardens unnecessarily.
  11. Install "pistol grip" nozzles on hoses. They shut off water flow when released.
  12. Fix leaky faucets. Those drips add up.
  13. Use a timer for those in the family who like to take long showers.
  14. Replace old washing machines with new water saving washers.
  15. Wash your dishes by hand.

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