Sunday, July 10, 2011

Biblical Courtship

Paul Washer is an itinerant Southern Baptist preacher. He is Director of the HeartCry Missionary Society which supports indigenous missionary work.

This is a long series. You'll want to come back to listen each segment, instead of doing it in one sitting. 

Introduction to Biblical Courtship
In this video, Paul Washer introduces a teaching series for young adults and their parents on relationships with the opposite sex.

(Vimeo link) Part 1

The Parent's Responsibility in the Home
Parents are responsible to faithfully teach the things of God to their children. The Bible gives this role to no one else. In this video, Paul Washer teaches parents about the God-given command to raise their children in the teaching and admonition of the Lord. 

(Vimeo link) Part 2

The Child's Responsibility to the Parents
In the Scriptures, children are commanded to honor their parents even after they leave the home. In this video, Paul Washer teaches on how children should treat their parents during the courtship process.

(Vimeo link) Part 3

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