Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Raw Foods Diet

Sticking to a raw food diet isn’t easy. Most raw foodists spend a lot of time in the kitchen peeling, chopping, straining, blending, and dehydrating, because the diet is typically made up of 75% fruits and vegetables. Many raw foodists cook part of their meal, and substitute meat for large portabella mushrooms or brown rice.

If you've been struggling to take off weight, a raw food diet may be the solution. Listen to this testimony from a CNN broadcast, then please read the two warnings that come with the video:

(YouTube link)

I have friends who have done this diet, and it is a radically different way to eat. It doesn't have anything to do with helping the environment or saving the innocent animals from the slaughter house. It's merely food choice.

Two Warnings
You should be aware that there are stomach/digestive issues that can occur from eating purely raw foods. If you don't completely limit yourself to being totally vegan, there are less chances of it happening.

This diet also comes with a second warning, although I have little to verify my claim. It has been my observation that people who have made the raw foods diet a long term choice become spiritually deceived over time. When you hear some of the testimonies of the people who follow the raw foods diet completely, they say they gain more spiritual awareness. Typically this means that they begin to accept more New Age ideas. It could be that without meat, a spiritual barrier is withdrawn so that deception may occur.

Don't be the judge of how you feel if you decide to try this diet for a while. Be observant of those around you, to see if they begin to change their perspective on certain issues. I say this because it's harder to determine when we have fallen to false ideas. If you see long-held beliefs changing, pull the plug on the diet.